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Spring farm update…

After last weeks spring like temperatures we are back into more normal winter weather. We took  advantage of the thaw to start some much needed clean up work on the farm and on some of the greenhouses we will need for early spring planting. The seed orders have all arrived (except for the back ordered items). They are all organized and the planting sheets are filled out, at least for the early spring work. In just a few days we will fire up the nursery greenhouse and spring will officially start. Until then, my kitchen is brimming with tiny of baby plants!

I mailed out the Owosso Organics 2017 brochures this week so if you were a member of our CSA over the last year or two you should receive yours in the mail soon. I’ve included an extra brochure to pass along to family and friends. We are doing  Refer-A-Friend program this season where you can receive a 10% discount on your membership if you refer a new member. Make sure to write the name  of your friend on your membership form and we will rebate you upon their paid membership. Friends must be new members and cannot split your share. Remember you can also get a CSA membership form right here on this website at the 2017 CSA membership form page. Just copy it (PDF file) fill it out and mail it to the farm with your membership fee.

We are pretty excited about some new items we are growing this year. (That’s called a plant-geek) We have a new summer squash called Magna that is supposed to have superior flavor over a long harvest period. A couple new sweet peppers, a big blocky orange pepper especially meant for greenhouse production and some beautiful new heirloom tomato varieties. Also we are going to try, try, try to have snap peas in your early boxes; hoping for a dry spring for that. Also stoked about some new flowers (that’s called a flower-geek) specifically Dahlias. I am trialing 15 different varieties and will use them in the bouquets as well as our wedding work. Don’t forget about our flower CSA share.

Ill be at a couple venues promoting our farm and CSA. Tomorrow February 26  at the CSA fair at Allen Street Market Place from 12-4 and on March 4-5  at Owosso High School at the Home Show. At the Home show I will be not only selling CSA shares but also selling our delicious hot sauce, hot pepper crumbles and my farm cards and prints. Sign up at either locations and you can receive either a free bottle of hot sauce or a coupon for a free flower bouquet picked up anytime this summer at one of our farmers markets.

Thank you all who have already signed up for our CSA. You have truly become what we call our extended farm family. With the early season financial demands on the farm your help is much appreciated. We look forward to seeing everyone as the farmers markets and the CSA distribution begins. 

Today is the day!!! Our sign-up for the 2017 CSA season officially opens. The new membership form is right here on the page called “2017 CSA membership sign up form” Just click it to download the Pdf, fill it out and mail it to the farm with your payment. (yes, good old fashioned snail mail).

Please note we have (slightly) increased our prices this year as reflected on the membership form. We have not raised our prices for many, many years. The new price better reflects the current market rate for seasonal CSAs. It also helps us out with some of the increase in prices of imputs, seeds ect. that we have seen over the years.

New this year is a Refer a Friend Program. You  receive 10% off your membership fee if you refer a friend to sign up for the CSA. Make sure to write your friends name on your membership form and when they sign up we will rebate you 10%. Friends must be new members and cannot be splitting your share.

We plan to mail out our 2017 CSA brochures next week and will include extra brochures for everyone. Our plan this season is to increase the size of our CSA and would love to have your help in doing so. Please feel free to pass out the extra brochures to your friends or refer them to the website. My cell number is on the brochure if anyone has any questions.

Thank you so much for all your support! Be sure to follow us on Facebook (under Owosso Organics) or on Instagram. Links on the right side of this page…..

My apologizes for not being present on this page for so very long. The season has a way of taking you away and leaving little else. As the season is coming to an end we want to thank all of our CSA members, great customers at the farmers markets and our whole accounts (especially The East Lansing food Coop) who purchased our products, supported our farm and help sustain us through this long and rather strange season. Every season is different and this one was no exception.

As of right now most of the clean up work is done (lifted miles of plastic and drip tape), much of the garlic has been planted and a nice green stand of rye is coming up in some of the fields. We hope for more drying weather for another round of garlic planting. We dug up our Dahlias last week and hope to divide and label them this week. I had a great inspiring time at the Association for Speciality Cut Flower Growers (ASCFG) conference in Grand Rapids last weekend. So many inspiring talks and new ideas to try next season. Now it’s time to hit the books and figure out the financial health of the farm so we can do some serious planning for next year.  Happy fall everyone and thanks again for all you support. Any recommendations for what you would like us to grow for the 2017 season?

Here are some pictures from the season.img_5135









Dog days of summer…

Crops continue to ripen on the farm despite the drought conditions we are enduring. We had almost an inch of rain last week but are still way down in our rainfall for June and July. This week looks to be a real scorcher which should help to ripen the tomatoes, eggplants and peppers.

We rounded the corner to the half way mark on our CSA (week #9) and the flower shares have started. We still have space for flower shares if anyone wants to join. We will have lisianthus at the markets this week so come see us. There will be 10 stem bunches, 5 stem bunches, large bouquets and fairy bouquets. The very first of the cherry tomatoes may make their first appearance this weekend too!

Here are some things I have seen on the farm the last couple weeks…














Dry June…

Wow we have had an incredibly dry few weeks. It’s now been about 7 weeks without any measurable rainfall. Things on the farm are very dry to say the least. Luckily we have about 90% of the farm under drip irrigation so we are able to keep the plants going but not necessarily thriving and in those conditions the pests are really able to take hold. We have never had such pest pressure especially from striped cucumber beetles which will likely effect the zucchini and possible cucumbers harvests. These storms that are coming our way keep splitting up and missing us or just disappearing as soon as they get close.

This Monday June 27 is week #6 CSA. Thanks to everyone for all your kind words about the food you have been receiving. Please note that net Saturday July 2, I am moving to a different table at the Meridian Farmers Market. I will be in the pavilion (as usual) but moving to the Southwest corner (where Wilber has been for years). There will be quite a bit of shuffling in the pavilion for this summer so don’t forget to look for your favorite vendors. Here are some things I have been looking at on and off the farm for the past few weeks. Feel free to follow me on Instagram where I post most every day. Look to the right on this page to follow.

















Hot dry week on the farm and for late May/ early June that means a rush of planting  before the rains come. So, so many plants got tucked into the ground this past week: the entire flower garden, likely a few thousand plants, hundreds of tomato and pepper, summer and winter squash, another planting of lettuce and many other I can’t quite remember right now. This Sunday June 5 will be out first week at The East Lansing Farmers Market. We will be there with vegetable, flower and herb plants for your garden and some greens. Monday June 6 will be the third CSA distribution!!!

Here are some pics from this last week. I’m starting a series on farm tools!!IMG_3839














Monday May23 was our first CSA distribution for the 2016 season and it was so nice to see familiar faces and meet some new folks. Your boxes had lots of yummy greens: Growers Choice salad mix, spinach, leaf lettuce, Red Russian kale, garlic greens and some of our dried hot peppers. Time to get out those salad dressing recipes! We are still taking members for the season! If you are interested in joining just copy off the PDF from the website fill it out and mail it to the farm. Be sure to prorate the amount you send us to reflect the week you are joining. We will be having distribution on Monday May 30/ Memorial Day. Text me if you have scheduling problems.

It’s been very hot for late May but we have been slugging through the heat to keep up with the planting. We are confident we won’t see another frost so have been diving in head first into planting the warm season crops. 422 Heirloom tomatoes went into the ground Tuesday along with 200 determinate tomatoes and 300 indeterminate tomatoes. Sweet peppers and hot peppers also got planted. Kale, winter squash and Eggplant went in too. Thanks to all our super workers who make all this happen. I am chomping at the bit to get the flowers in. Hopefully next week.

Here are some farm pics from the last couple weeks.

















We have been seeding and planting like crazy this month: 1600 lisianthus plants went into hoop house #1 last week, 100 tomato plants got planted into hoop house #4 and the greens house is bursting with lettuce, spinach, swiss chard and kale!  This Saturday May 7 will be the first day at the Meridian Farmers market. We will be there from 8-2 with lots of certified organic vegetable and herb plants for all your gardening needs and hopefully a few greens.

There are shares still available for our 2016 CSA

We still have lots of space in our CSA both standard shares and premium share and flower shares. The first distribution is still a few weeks away. If you or anyone you know may be interested in joining our CSA, the membership form is located here on the website. Just copy it off, fill it out and mail it to the farm with your check. We are one of just a few certified organic CSAs in the mid-Michigan area.  Thank you to all our members!! Here are some pics from the last few weeks…IMG_2923

















We have expanded into our Quonset greenhouse after filling up the nursery greenhouse with baby plants. Every day we seed seed seed. Tomorrow will be a big work day on the farm when we put our first transplants into greenhouse #3, lettuce (three kinds), Kale (two kinds), swiss chard, spinach and beets.

So much rain this early spring. We are saturated on the farm and it looks to be awhile until we dry out (See pics below) Luckly we have the greenhouses to keep us busy for early spring plantings.

Thanks to all CSA members who have sent in their forms. We still have room in our CSA both for farm pick up and at the Meridian pavilion. Tell your friends, tell you neighbors, tell your neighbors friends! Here are some things I saw with my camera this week…





IMG_2561At the butterfly house at MSU




IMG_2695Ok ok…I know it’s just a clothesline but the first hang out of the season!!



Spring is here in Michigan! Lots of tiny baby plants are sprouting in the nursery greenhouse as we wait for our fields to dry in hopes of getting outside to plant. The weather has been just beautiful and we love the longer days (though not the early mornings). We have, bursting in the greenhouse right now:  two planings of lettuce seeded in, swiss chard, kale, snap peas, spinach, long season hot peppers and flowers, leeks and others.

Thanks to all who are sending in their CSA membership. I got a little derailed when sending out the brochures and only got about half of them sent but plan to follow up with the rest this weekend. Remember you can always go to the membership sign-up page anytime.

Next week we hope to plant in hoop house #3. Remember we will be at the Meridian Farmers market starting May 7 and we will have lots of transplants for your garden and hopefully some early greens. Here are some pics from the last couple weeks.












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